I think my biggest fear is failing.

I got this comment a little while back that said something along the lines of “you just seem like you have it all together,” and when I read that… it was hard not to laugh out loud.

Half the time I feel like I’m fucking everything up and the other time… honestly, its mostly just me thinking everything is going wrong. I am constantly worried about the outcome of my actions. I have so many dreams and they feel so close but I’m terrified of getting them. What if I accomplish these dreams and it’s nothing like I imagine?  What if I’m terrible at my future job? What if I hate it? What if I let the people I care about down?

There’s so much that’s unknown about life, I don’t want to miss out on things because I’m afraid of something that may or may not happen. I’m starting to realize that life is too short to pass up opportunities because of this irrational fear of failing. I just need to let go a little bit and let myself live. xx

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