Black Coffee

I think there’s something to be said about people who like black coffee.

Don’t get me wrong; I love my vanilla frappuccino from Starbucks just like any other born and raised Seattle person but black coffee.

The bitterness and bite it has on a dewy morning, the shot of adrenaline you feel pumping through your veins on nights you don’t want to sleep. The taste of someone’s lips after they have a cup is intoxicating. Maybe it’s just me but I love it. How can you not? If awareness had a taste it would be black coffee.

Black coffee taste like heartbreak, the sharp pain you feel when it’s over & the bright future when you understand that it had to happen and you have so much more to look forward too, so much to be done.

My favorite though is watching people drink black coffee for the first time. It’s like watching someone take their first sip of alcohol. You can tell by their face that it’s the first time, and instantly they hate it but they want more.

I like people who drink black coffee because they are able to deal with the bitterness and I need someone like that. I need someone that will be able to deal with the sharp pain I will inevitably bring to them. I need someone that will keep wanting more of me because they aren’t afraid of what will happen next. I need someone that is intoxicated with me. I need someone to be with me and feel adrenaline pumping through their veins. I need someone to see a bright future with me.
I need someone to need me.

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